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Day 4

Kelly King is an elder. Her husband and the father of her children, has died. I think his name was Ivaq or something. They had twin girls, Karma and Kaitlyn. They are both young adultS now. I don’t plan on using Kaitlyn, so I booted her out of the house. I had Kelly visit her this afternoon-she stole a crib, a toddler toy and a lamp off her. Lol. I stuffed up my game end used the testing cheats cheat. The Kings now have a basement. They went to France and robbed a few people there. Karma came home with a love interest whom she has now married. And that’s where we’re up to. Technically, it’s game over. The 90 days are up, I must’ve set the time span wrong somewhere. I only got up to $34K. I can’t steal from the gym or the art gallery-only outdoor community lots. I think it was something to do with World Adventures. So that sucks. I might try this challenge again with just the base game so I can get more money. But for now, the legacy lives on. Now it’s Karma’s story. She has a LTW to have $50K worth of stolen goods in her house.

Sims 3 “Klepto King” Challenge

I started the Klepto King challenge yesterday? It’s so much fun! I plan on continuing it past the original 90 days, tho. I want my Sim, Kelly King, to have an heir who will continue on as a little Klepto thief. Should be fun. I just need to find someone willing to woohoo with my Sim and give her a child